mitsch dri - backstage open air gampel

"Mitsch Dri“ is the behind-the-scenes story of the gampel music festival. In their quest to make the best music festival, world-wide, ever, the boys have to walk a tight rope to not succumb to the dangers of big headliners, little monsters, walking with wolves and banana basketball. The stakes could not be higher! Have a look…

Folge 1

Folge 2

Folge 3


Production: lineli
Client: Open Air Gampel
Script: Kurt, Rafi, Sandro, David
Director: David Constantin, Sandro Caldelari
Producer: Fabian Niklaus
DOP: Rafael Kistler
Audio Post: Kurt Human
Making of Fotos: Christian Pfammatter

Storyboard: Christian Zogg